Sports Massage

musclesWhether simply taking walks without pain or improving performance in a competitive sport, massage can facilitate attaining your goals and get you back in the game.

Many people think of sports massage for elite athletes. My goal, in sports-related massage, is to help you move to your best ability, no matter what that means. Massage can help competitive athletes perform to their highest potential.   It can help someone go to the gym and exercise without pain. It can be used to assist senior citizens in maintaining optimal range of motion so they can remain comfortably active. The common denominator in my approach to sports-related massage is to:

  1. Identify the activities important to you
  2. Discuss and determine your goals.
  3. Assess current movement abilities, strength, and areas of pain.
  4. Utilize massage, kinesiotaping, and stretching to enhance movement and reduce pain.

As a certified fitness trainer, identifying activities that are important to you, enjoyable and within your personal scope of abilities is very important. Once identified, my objective is to help you reach your fullest potential to participate in these activities by focusing on the goal areas of endurance, flexibility and strength.

Come in and let’s discuss your individual needs and goals. Keep on moving!